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Propel Your Business Into The Future with Social Media Trends In 2018

Social Media Trends


When masses are busy making plans to welcome New Year, social media geek has chalked out a list of social media trends that would help in designing social media marketing strategy for the coming year.

As 2018 approaches, I wish that the year brings in thousands of fans, followers and conversions for your online business.

There are many trend predictions on the social media from experts for this new year, but there are some chosen ones that I think will make it big in 2018.

Social Media has become a part of life for your personal and professional life as more and more people are spending their time on social media channels.

As we are fast approaching a new year, it is important to look ahead to where social networking is heading, and how we can get on board with the happenings.

I’ve outlined below what I think every smart business, social media or digital marketer should give some attention to in 2018.

Investing in Social Media Will Be a Necessity

While it is essential even today to invest in social media, 2018 will see a tipping point from ‘should invest’ to ‘must invest’.  Businesses will realise the importance of hiring professionals in social media strategy to get the job done.

Many businesses today are recognising the importance of integrating their content marketing strategy with their social media efforts, and are personally seeing social media’s positive impact of on referral traffic, lead generation, and revenue.


Content strategies will attract a lot of interest from brands and companies

Providing valuable content that keeps people returning to your brand for more, or compels them to share it around with more people than ever before, can help develop trust in your brand faster than if your brand were to push its own brand-related messages.


Humorous content, especially, is expected to gather franchise and momentum faster than other types of content on the social media come 2018.

Internal Team to Develop Engaging Social Media Strategy

With more and more companies entering into the world of social media, it is imperative for advertisers to share engaging and enriching content on different social media platforms. Members from different departments of the organization should sit together and brainstorm to design social media strategies for the coming year.


LinkedIn Will Maintain its Position as a B2B Market Player

A social media marketing trend that everyone predicted for 2018 is that LinkedIn will emerge as the primary player in the B2B market. With 500 Million Users and 10 Million Job Postings, it maintains apex position as the #1 social networking site for professionals.

This means that the advantages of being on LinkedIn will be massive for B2B marketers.

It’s all about interactive Online video

Videos increase engagement in the form of likes, shares, retweets, and comments on all social media platforms.

While creating and uploading the video online is not a new idea, what will be new about this medium is that online videos will possibly make their appearance almost everywhere you look in the digital world. From facebook videos to Youtube vids, the ability to reach consumers via online video will abound. If you want to increase your consumer interaction, then in 2018 your social media plan has to include valuable interactive video.

Not sure whether you should try influencer marketing?

A few key statistics will help you make the right decision:

70% of teenage YouTube subscribers trust influencer opinions more than “regular” celebrities.

86% of women turn to social media before making a purchase

71% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase based on a reference from social media.

This shows the extent influencer marketing will go in 2018.

If your brand is going to launch a social media presence then it is imperative in 2018 that you get substantially educated on the various social tools and best practices that are available.

Social research and social media training services will likely grow in quantity and quality over 2018, and taking full advantage of such offerings can keep you ahead of the curve this coming year.
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